About us

SHAPE (School Health And Physical Education) is India’s first Sports and Physical Education ecosystem (technology interface platform) for Sports Coach, School and Parents which provides researched based physical education & sports academic curriculum (K-5), assessments, evaluations and analytical features for Kindergarten and Primary schools. SHAPE integrates technology platform with proprietary animated curriculum content for K-5 grades which provides transparent methodology that will monitor, track and review the child’s day-to-day physical education and other fitness activities along with overall performance and development. International standard curriculum which has been developed as per the standards of NASPE- America and coupled with our methodology which aligned to all Indian and International Boards.

Our Philosophy

Our primary focus is on:

  •  Building Active Lifestyle in Children at their foundation year
  •  Spreading awareness on the benefits of physical activities for healthy and     better life.
  •  Improving their academic performance through: Better Concentration | Agile     Mind | Focus | Persistence | Increased Immunity.
  •  Enlightening the parents about the right nutrition for better health of their     kids.
  •  Driving better values and life skills through Activities & Sports such as:          Teamwork | Competitive Spirit | Respect for all | Self Esteem | Trust.

Why Shape India ?

SHAPE India offers 360 degree Sports & Physical Education solutions to Kindergarten and Primary schools with end to end support management:

  •  Software web interface with mobile app to access and monitor whole academic year’s Sports & PE structured curriculum with animated videos of each days lessons for coach to explain the process of execution and separate video for school & parent access to see the actual skills taught and outcome of each lesson. Interface provides the facility of schedule time-table planning, assessments, evaluations and other necessary management features.
  •  Transparent network between PE Coach, Parents and the School on program implementation and its outcome. Additional features for students/parents such as sports homework, nutrition guidelines, integrating fitness devices to measure different fitness parameters for children etc.
  •  Consultation for organizing various sports events in school such as Sports Day, Sports Tournaments and Annual day etc. with end to end support.
  •  Coach certification on content and its conduct, rhythmic quality check for coaches by SHAPE Quality manager and online/offline training on updates on programs and features..
  •  Age appropriate Sports and PE props and equipment for different age group.