About us

  •  SHAPE (School Health and Physical Education) India is one of India’s leading     physical education organizations with a customized curriculum and a     structured approach to SHAPE children for their Lifetime.
  •  The organization was formed in 2015, with a key objective of developing     children in their foundation years, thereby making them physically fit and     in-shape for their better future.
  •  Our aim is to provide an age-customized curriculum for children from KG to     Grade 5 in schools.
  •  By providing trained teachers and specialized equipment, we also ensure a     healthy and holistic development of children with a life-long impact.

Our Philosophy

Our primary focus is on:

  •  Building Active Lifestyle in Children at their foundation year
  •  Spreading awareness on the benefits of physical activities for healthy and     better life.
  •  Improving their academic performance through: Better Concentration | Agile     Mind | Focus | Persistence | Increased Immunity.
  •  Enlightening the parents about the right nutrition for better health of their     kids.
  •  Driving better values and life skills through Activities & Sports such as:          Teamwork | Competitive Spirit | Respect for all | Self Esteem | Trust.

Why Shape India ?

  •  Structured and Age Appropriate Physical Education & Sports Curriculum as     per standards of NASPE, USA developed by experts.
  •  Qualified and SHAPE Certified Coaches with experience in managing     children.
  •  Outcome based assessment and measurement metrics to evaluate child’s     development and progress.
  •  Nutritional guidance from experts for parents and children, to build better     eating habits.
  •  Inculcating the right techniques and improving fundamental motor skills, to     make them ready for sports in future.