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SHAPE (School Health and Physical Education) India is one of India’s leading physical education organizations with a customized curriculum and a structured approach to SHAPE children for their Lifetime. The organization was formed in 2015, with a key objective of developing children in their foundation years, thereby making them physically fit and in-shape for their better future.

Our aim is to provide age appropriate customized curriculum for children from KG to Grade 5 in schools. By providing trained teachers and specialized equipment, we also ensure a healthy and holistic development of children with a life-long impact.

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Our Programs

Grade Kindergarten to Grade 2

Our ‘FitKidz’ program focuses on teaching the right techniques for physical activities in a fun way to children during their school days. This helps in overall physical & cognitive development in children & makes them future-ready for any sport in life. We work closely with schools, providing them a detailed age-appropriate curriculum, qualified & experienced resources & adequate props for the children.  Learn More...

Grade 3 to Grade 5

Every child wants to play some sport or the other, but loses interest when he or she is unable to perform. Our ‘ActivSport’ program focuses on individualized sports training with a primary objective on keeping the child active and interested in playing the sport throughout their life. These help in improving their techniques and develop the interest in sports which helps them in performing better for their future.  Learn More...

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Why Shape India?

Your toddler is developing at a mighty rate gaining new physical, cognitive, and emotional skills every day. In the next five years, you’ll watch him go from tantative toddler who speaks only a few words to a confident preschooler with a growing awareness of the world around him.

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Meet Our Team

Raju Deb

CEO & Co-Founder

Kurush Sidhwa

CFO & Co-Founder

Dr.Vishnu Pethkar

Chief Program Advisor

Asefa Vijay Kumar

Chief HR Advisor

Nitin Bellara

Chief Financial Advisor

Sandeep Mathur

Chief Business & Technology Advisor

Parent's Testimonial

Shape India educates and makes children aware about physical activities and sports, therefore making them stronger, independent and healthier for life.